A Month in Review: March 2016

Cardinals (ages 4 & 5)

new webOur Cardinals deepened their understanding of “community helpers”, and learned about the relationships between a variety of jobs in the community. In the classroom’s “Dramatic Play” center, the students created a Home Depot and a McDonalds where students were able to apply what they learned through role-play. They turned the “Writing” center into a post office and acted as mail carriers who delivered mail to the classroom. And the “Block” center became a construction site where builders and architects created some very creative structures.


Rainbows (ages 4 & 5)

The Rainbows celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by creating the theme of “Wearing of the Green”. To elaborate on this theme, they ate green foods and danced together to Irish music. When Spring weather began to peak through the cold and the clouds, the Rainbows cleaned out the Children’s Garden which had been taken over by weeds in prior months. Meanwhile, in preparation for garden work, they planted a radish seeds in the “root viewer” to observe them closely. Last but not least, the Rainbows wished our friend Zoe M. a fond farewell as her family moved to Kansas. We will surely miss you, Zoe!


Dolphins (ages 4-5)

Lily and Kristi team up to check out the fossils.In March, the Dolphins studied dinosaurs, and created their own dinosaurs, dinosaur eggs (and nests), and dinosaur habitats from various art materials such as Papier-mâché. The Dolphins asked many questions about eggs that come from other animals. Students learned about how fossils are made and what paleontologists do in order to find bones. Talking about museums led to reading The Night in the Museum books as a class. The kids decided to write a third book themselves! In doing so, they collaborated to create characters and learned what a plot is.


Sunshines (ages 3 & 4)

For the Sunshines, the arrival of spring brought with it learning opportunities about colors, rain, wind, and revived plants. First they explored the water cycle. Then they cleaned the garden, and learned how seasons change. As they weeded in the garden, they also began a germination experiment (growing from seeds). Because science is very interesting to our little ones, the Sunshines worked hard on the STEAM NIGHT science project: “How to make Ice Cream without Refrigeration”. Other activities included Spanish class, recognizing shapes, identifying colors, and learning to play soccer.


Butterflies (ages 2 & 3)

The Butterflies kicked off Springtime by taking apart a pinecone – piece by piece, seed by seed – to observe each part. They painted spring flowers, talked about the signs of spring, decorated “eggs” to hang on trees. An important part of our preschool program is introducing Al’s Pals social-emotional curriculum in class. In one Al’s Pals activity, the Butterflies learned about “safe bodies”.