Main Street Celebrated 45 Years of Diversity with a Potluck Dinner and Parade for 200 Guests!

Fairfax, VA (February 27, 2018) – Main Street Child Development Center (Main Street) kicked off its 45th year of serving low-income working families by hosting 200 guests on Thursday, February 15th.

The celebration, known as “International Night”, brought together the Main Street community, comprised of students (ages 2 to 5), teachers, parents and family members. Staff and families – who trace their ancestry to over 26 countries – enjoyed a potluck dinner, a Parade of Nations and Around the World-themed games and art exhibits.

Families, volunteers, staff and supporters dined together. Children and parents then took the stage wearing traditional clothing and hoisting the official flags of the country of their heritage. Finally, guests “traveled” from classroom to classroom to learn about each continent.

Executive Director Carol Lieske noted the school’s inclusive culture. “Main Street is a wonderful preschool but we’re so much more than that,” stated Lieske. “We’re a diverse, joyful, supportive community.”

One mother, a recent immigrant, affirmed Lieske’s praise for Main Street’s focus on diversity. “I am new to this country,” she said. “This makes me feel so welcome and happy.”

The potluck dinner menu was as diverse as the school’s population. It featured arroz con pollo (rice and chicken), apple bread, egg rolls, pupusas, riz bi haleeb (rice pudding), spaghetti, and tabbouleh (Levantine vegetarian salad), among other items.



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