Staff Spotlight – Getting to Know Ms. Katherine

Everyone at Main Street knows Ms. Katherine – but do you really know Ms. Katherine?!  Here are some interesting things about Ms. Katherine and her job:

Ms. Katherine is part of Main Street’s lifeblood:  administration, finance, training, support! She’s key to our mission and vision and knows the value of working together like family.  But did you know….

  • Despite her impeccable appearance and manners- she loves braving the elements by camping outdoors, in the woods, with the animals! And without her phone and other technology!  Her favorite place is a small town in La Paz, Boliva where she can be surrounded by nature.
  • She tackles challenges with an open heart, a growth mindset, as an opportunity to improve.
  • Her parents are her inspiration, offering her new perspectives and helping to build her disciplined and sincere dedication to everything she does.
  • She wishes her superpower was to speak all the world’s different languages. What a way to build empathy and understanding!
  • Her real superpower is making the rest of us feel listened to and honored!

She says: “Main Street has taught me the value of belonging to something greater than myself; that’s one of the main reasons I decided to stay with Main Street for almost ten years.”

The next time you’re at Main Street, check in with Katherine to talk about your favorite place in the world!

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