Butterfly Classroom (2- and 3-year-olds)
Sunshine Classroom (3- and 4-year-olds)
Rainbow Classroom (Pre-K, 4- and 5-year-olds)
Dolphin Classroom (Pre-K, 4- and 5-year-olds)
Panda Classroom (Mixed Age,3- , 4- and 5-year-olds)
Eagles (School Age, Before and After-School Care)
Floating Teachers

Butterfly Classroom (2- and 3-year-olds)

Lead Teacher: Ms. Emily

Emily Levitt came to Main Street in 2016.  She previously worked at Merritt Academy for three years as an Assistant Teacher.  She has a Bachelors Degree in English from Radford University and is currently completing her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education.  She loves traveling, cooking, and reading.




Ms. Sara

Sara Echevarria came to Main Street in 2006. She has a bachelor’s degree in social work from the Catholic University of Ponce, Puerto Rico, and is a bilingual speaker. Ms. Sara received her Child Development Associate (CDA) certificate in March 2009 and her Early Childhood Certificate in 2012. She is currently attending Northern Virginia Community College, working toward her associate’s degree in early childhood education. She is married to Jorge and has three sons.



Ms. Rosa

Rosa Perez joined Main Street in 2018.




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Sunshine Classroom (3- and 4-year-olds)

Lead Teacher: Ms. Veronica

Veronica Ruanova first came to Main Street as a student when she was a small child.  She volunteered at Main Street in 2012 for two years before becoming an Assistant Teacher.  She became Lead Teacher for the Sunshines in 2019.  A graduate of Centreville High School, Ms. Veronica is working on her Associates Degree in Child Development from Northern Virginia Community College.  Ms. Veronica is bilingual, loves listening to music, and likes to play soccer.  Ms. Veronica is the proud mom of her daughter, Mia.


Ms. Caiti

Caitlyn DeMulder joined Main Street in 2018, after interning in 2017.  She has a Bachelors Degree in Human Development and Family Science with a concentration in child development from George Mason University.  She enjoys singing, reading, spending time with family, watching classic movies and is a Star Trek and Harry Potter fan.




Mr. Antonio


Mr. Antionio joined Main Street in 2019.





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Rainbow Classroom (Pre-K, 4- and 5-year-olds)

Lead Teacher: Ms. Gloria

Gloria Diaz first became connected to Main Street when her daughter started here in 2016.  She soon became an Assistant Teacher and is now a Lead Teacher.  Prior to coming to Main Street, Ms. Gloria taught for ten years in Peru, Colombia, and India, was a Teacher Assistant at Truro pre-school and a volunteer at Providence Elementary School and Lanier Middle School.  Ms. Gloria has a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education from Federico Villarreal National University in Lima, Peru.  A native of Peru, she bilingual and now lives in Fairfax with her husband, son, and two daughters.  She loves reading, going to the beach, dancing, arts and crafts, and Peruvian food.

Ms. Diana

Diana Perales came to Main Street in 2016 after being a nanny for 2 ½ years.  She has completed a STEM certification course and is currently working on her Early Childhood Education Certificate.  Originally from El Salvador, Ms. Diana loves playing sports like soccer and basketball.




Ms. Krista

Ms. Krista joined Main Street in 2019.

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Dolphin Classroom (Pre-K, 4- and 5-year-olds)

Co-Lead Teacher: Ms. Doris

Doris Quiroz Vasquez came to Main Street first as a volunteer and then joined the teaching staff in 2016.  She became co-lead teacher of the Dolphins in 2019.  She currently holds her Early Childhood Education Certificate and is working on her Associates Degree at Northern Virginia Community College.




Co-Lead Teacher: Ms. Lupita

Quiroz Vazquez Lupita 9022 262665078

Lupita Quiroz Vasquez, a former MSCDC preschooler, has been working at Main Street since 2015. Once a volunteer, Lupita became co-lead teacher of the Dolphins in 2019.  She is currently enrolled in early childhood education at Northern Virginia Community College where she is earning her Associates Degree.




Ms. Colleen

Colleen Herbert has been with Main Street Child Development Center since 1999. Ms. Colleen has her bachelor’s degree in recreation administration from Radford University. She is a Washington, D.C. native and lives in Northern Virginia. Ms. Colleen has two daughters, and in her spare time she enjoys gardening and swimming.



Ms. Vicky

Vicky Mendoza has been at Main Street since 1993 when she earned her Child Development Associate (CDA) certificate. She is originally from Peru, where she attended Ricardo Palma University. A bilingual speaker, she completed her early childhood education program at the Arlington Employment Training Center, and she worked as a teacher’s aide in the Arlington Career Center and Seven Corners Children’s Center. Ms. Vicky has her Fairfax County School Readiness Program Certificate and is taking early childhood development classes such as “Art Expression for Children” to extend her knowledge. When she is not working with children, Ms. Vicky enjoys ceramics, singing, musical theater with children, and volunteering in Arlington.

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Panda Classroom (Mixed Age, 3 – , 4 – , and 5 – year olds)

Lead Teacher: Ms. Kristin

Kristin Deavers joined Main Street in 2019.  Previously, Kristin worked for Langley Child Care Center, interned with FCPS, and was a nanny for five years.  She has a Bachelor’s in Studio Art with a concentration in Painting from the University of Wisconsin – Stout and a Master’s in Early Childhood Education from George Mason University.  She volunteers for Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, and still maintains her interest in art – painting, photography, architecture, and crochet.  An avid hiker, Kristin has lived in northern Virginia for more than 10 years and has two cats – Archer & Miles.


Mr. J.

Jose Rivas joined Main Street in 2018.






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Eagles (Before and After-School Care for elementary school students)

Lead Teacher: Ms. Meredith

Meredith Kloman joined Main Street in 2015. Prior to Main Street she worked at Kindercare for nine years. She is currently working on her Child Development Certification at Northern Virginia Community College. She completed a STEM certificate program in 2017. Ms. Meredith has a son, Michael, and loves singing, baking, kayaking and fishing.




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Support Staff

Ms. Virginia

Virginia Susano started at Main Street in 2016.  She has her Early Childhod Education Certificate from The Early Childhood Institute as well as a Northern Virginia Food Handler Certificate.  A native of Boliva, Ms. Virginia is bilingual and lives with her husband, daughter and son.  In her free time, she enjoys cooking, baking, and being with her family.




Ms. Joanna

Joanna Augustine joined Main Street in 2018.  Previously she worked for Merritt Academy and Kindercare.  Originally from Erie, PA, she is a graduate of St. Bendict’s Academy.  She enjoys clogging, working out, and yoga.





Ms. Kayla

Kayla Vasquez joined Main Street in 2019 after previously working at the ACCA Child Development Center.  She hopes to become a child psychologist in the future.  A Northern Virginia native, her father’s family is from El Salvador.  Kayla loves music, art, singing, reading, dancing, and gardening.  She lives in Fairfax and has cats, dogs, and hermit crabs.




Ms. Marjorie

Marjorie Rivas started at Main Street as a volunteer and became a staff member in 2016.  A student at George Mason University, Ms. Marjorie is studying global and community health with a clinical concentration in pre-med.  Originally from El Salvador, she is a bilingual speaker. She loves to read, bake, listen to music, spend time with friends, and volunteer in the community.  Ms. Marjorie hopes to one day become a pediatrician.



Ms. Alexandra

Alexandra Susano started at Main Street as a volunteer and became a staff member in 2017.  She sees both sides of Main Street working both in the office and in the classroom.  A student at George Mason University, Ms. Alex is studying global affairs with a concentration in human security and minor in global health.  She and her younger brother are native to Northern Virginia, with parents that immigrated here from Bolivia.  She is bilingual and in her free time likes to read, catch up on tv, photography, and trying new foods when out with friends or family.


Ms. Jennifer

Ms. Jennifer joined Main Street in 2018.  A student at George Mason Univeristy, she is studying Human Development & Family Services.  A bilingual speaker, Jennifer is native to Northern Virginia whose family comes from El Salvador.  She has a huge interest in music, playing the violin (and viola) since the 5th grade.  She loves helping others and interacting with children.



Ms. Jacqueline

Jacqueline Schulze joined Main Street first as a substitute teacher in 2013, and more recently as an all around project assistant in 2017.  She is a teacher with the Fairfax County Public Schools (Early literacy, family literacy, global program, and Head Start program), and has been the Granata Group Outreach Coordinator (Relationships and Fatherhood Programs).  Jacqueline has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and two Master’s Degrees: Business Management and Strategies Management.  Originally from Bolivia, she speaks both Spanish and English.  Jacqueline is married with two adult children and enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures and countries.


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